April 22 2020


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My travels across three continents on the eve of COVID-19

Okot Nyormoi

Every now and then a catastrophic event occurs in the world and leaves a profound effect on human behaviors. One such event was the crashing of two hijacked passenger planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11 2001. 9/11 as it was to become known, profoundly changed the way we travel by air


Corona virus and the global pandemic of fear


Let’s get death in proportion. True, Coronavirus is an appalling disease but the number of deaths it has caused this year is far lower than deaths caused by either common flu, car accidents, drug taking, alcoholism or cigarette smoking



Pandemic of Fear: A view from Moscow

Lyubov Sharkova

In just a short period the world in Russia has changed for everyone. Today everyone around me seems totally possessed, crazy is the word. People are blaming and avoiding each other. Social distance has become the priority of their lives



Nigeria and Rwanda: A tale of two countries

Theophilus E Daniel-Kagbare

Useful though it is comparison can be a tricky business. Take for instance the fact that the per capita income of Singapore is over USD 90,000 compared to that of the United Sates of America which is USD 60,000. Does that make Singapore better than the United States? Not at all