Dec 17 2018


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How modern African Art was born at Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria

John Otim

A classroom in the northern city of Zaria in colonial Nigeria. Outside the union jack flutters in a bitterly cold wind. A group of students begin to sketch and experiment using African motifs. This was new and this was strange. It was the kind of thing their teachers scorned.


Where exam failures become life sentence

Bill Milligan

The main character is a young man who goes by the name Peter Otim. When we first meet him Otim has just sat for a major national school examination. In this land of titles and certificates, the result of this single examination could spell his doom. 



Sketches from Colonial Kenya

Sam Kahiga

We had grown up under the awful Emergency of the 1950s, reading colonial pamphlets printed in red ink, showing rows of Mau Mau fighters being publicly hanged on high posts. The Lari massacre and the subsequent government reprisals took place within walking distance from our village


Doing battle with Saudi Arabia

Jonathan Power

How can Saudi Arabia be brought low? If the King won’t remove from power his 33 old son, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, there may be no alternative but to do battle with its regime. In a nonviolent manner for sure..