Feb 17 2019


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Africa and her Dirty Coups

John Otim

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They came dancing on the streets as news of Al Harun’s coup broke over the dazed City. They trouped to welcome with open arms the man who would soon be their killer. Hundreds had perished within the early hours of the coup that was not yet a day old. This crowd knew. Because they could see with their own eyes, the many corpses that littered the city.



mocked, laughed at, and now a model, while black

Oluwaseun Matiluko

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Having a growth spurt at seven years old meant I was the tallest in my age group, taller than all the girls and all the boys who had to stand on chairs so they could be level with me in class photos. Starting puberty at age eight, meant the rest of my body soon looked different from those of the girls around me. 


Reading and Remembering Africa

John Donelson

In the age of Amazon.com, and other online book service, the book market is wide open. With money to spare one can sample as never before the book offerings of the world. I have been indulging my pleasure and doing just that. And I ran across this this amazing new novel, Burden of Failure, by a Ugandan author.



Is it the Case of Darkness before Dawn in the Congo?

Jonathan Power

Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa’s largest and richest country, is caught up in the aftermath of its election, the first proper election since independence in 1960. Towards the end of last, after years of non-stop wars and massive carnage, the country was 90% free of fighting.



The Politics of Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Okot Nyormoi

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How come a super power government got shut down? Over something as banal as a border-wall? A brief look at history may explain the vulgarity. It may also help explain the consternation the rest of the world feels at the American shutdown.