Jan 11 2013


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The Magic of the Kenyan Dream

John Otim

Kenya is a dreamland. To its north is the desert full of charms with a lake all its own. To the east is the warm Indian Ocean with its scores of stunning beaches. While to the west lay Mount Elgon on the border with Uganda; plus the Great Rift Valley, the breath taking highlands, and the great Inland Ocean that Kenya shares with Uganda and Tanzania. Now move over a little to the south. And behold, there on the south eastern border with Tanzania, is the summit of Africa, the snowcap Kilimanjaro..

What Does it Take to Pioneer a Young University

Lira Campus

Lira Constituent College for Health Sciences at the new Lira University of Science and Technologhy is a young institution, founded only in 2010. Its agenda: to promote knowledge, provide opportunity for learning, and to develop new practices in health sciences, while at the same time providing and developing health services for the local community and the surrounding rural population. What are the odds?


Early Days at the Postcolonial School

John Otim

We lounged around in the Upper Chamber devouring international publications. Read British really. Boys Own (great teen stuff) Illustrated London Magazine, London Times, and the hilarious Punch magazine, piles of them, stacked on the shelves. Punch has since expired. There were also issues of Readers Digest (American), Drum Magazine (South African), and one or two others.


Zuma's South Africa and the Perils of Narrow Nationalism

William Gumede

For a good part of its 100 year old history, two distinct strands of Zulu nationalism competed for dominance within the ANC, especially in its KwaZulu Natal wing; the one conservative and closed, the other progressive and more inclusive of other communities in South Africa.


Lango Culture Resurgent at the National Theater in Kampala

John Otim

The countryside bursts into songs and dance. The happy-go-lucky holiday rider takes in the view through the bus window as one colorful village scene gives way to another,. It is market day in most of Northern Uganda. And she 's got a ticket to ride. And she don't care,

Malaika, Most Quintessential, Most Loved of African Love Songs

John Otim

Angel, I love you Angel, runs the first line of Malaika, the most lyrical most quintessential of African love songs. To set the tone, to set the tempo and the rhythm the line is repeated. Angel I love you Angel.