Mar 17 2019


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Drinking heavy metal contaminated alcohol in Uganda

Okot Nyormoi

In a corner of northern Uganda, where live the musical Acholi, not only is there an alarming rate of alcohol consumption among the general populace, the alcohol consumed there and available here, has been shown to have a heavy dose of heavy metal ... continued political marginalization plus the activities of unscrupulous alcohol manufacturers and suppliers, appear to promote the massive public consumption of alcohol


Terror-murder-magic herald the arrival of General Idi Amin

Rev Wilson Atine & John Otim

Fully two years before General Idi Amin’s coup there were signs in the country that a coup or something like that could happen here. Growing tensions between the central government and the ancient kingdom of Buganda which formed a large chunk of the country, had recently come to push and shove and Buganda had lost what was obviously only the first round


Africa and her Dirty Coups (part 2)

John Otim

Key Terms:

On Thursday he picks his American degree. In a week or two he will be back in Africa. The excitement of seeing his parents, his sister, his two brothers, the anticipation was almost more than he could bear.Once in Africa, they will launch a new magazine of culture, politics, and the arts. Black Horizon, they decided to call it. Launch date was set for November 22nd, just months away


Authoritarian rule & the paradox of the decline of the African coup

Okot Nyormoi


On 7 January 2019, an attempted coup to topple the ailing Ali Bongo as president of Gabon, failed. That the coup attempt occurred was not a surprise, given the conditions in Gabon. Here is a sickly and absentee president, ruling over the undeclared 50-year old monarchy. While throughout the country, appalling poverty make life a misery for the majority, as a tiny corrupt elite wallows in opulence