Nov 17 2013


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The credibility of the ICC and the folly of the African Union

Okot Nyormoi

When the International Criminal Court (ICC) was created in the year 2002 the expectation was that the court would do some good for a troubled world. More than ten years on, it is not unfair to ask of the ICC, if it has done the world some good.


Will the Saudis acquire a nuclear bomb of their own?

Jonathan Power


BBC’s defense correspondent Mark Urban has uncovered some troubling links between Iran moving towards a nuclear bomb and a Saudi Arabian decision to produce its own nuclear bomb with Pakistani help. Urban notes that Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons project and now the Saudis believe they could obtain a nuclear bomb at will.


Pioneering a young University: one year on at Lira University College

John Otim & Ekkehard Doehring

In the aftermath of the awful tragedy that hit Northern Uganda, an idea took root in Lira. By 2010 it manifested itself as the Constituent College for Health Sciences of the well established and nearby Gulu University. Two years later it assumed shape as Lira University College. Knowing the facts on the ground the very idea of the College in the ruins that was Lira seemed at the time unrealistic.



The dictator in the African classroom

John Otim

In the early nineteen nineties a young artist came to the house where I lived in northern Nigeria on the Ahmadu Bello University campus. He grabbed a drawing pen and paper and within minutes had reproduced the exact replica of the Mona Lisa that adorned my wall. I taught creative writing and used the Mona Lisa as a kind of good luck charm to inspire me. The artist was five years old ...


Palm tree and the old ecological wisdom on the upper Nile

David Acaye, John Sampers, Sabine Becker, Ekkehard Doehring

Few objects of nature appear to the observer as southern and as tropical as the palm tree. From the white beaches of Mombasa and Zanzibar to the hills of Jamaica and Trinidad, they stand tall and proud come rain come sun. In the gentle winds of the tropics palm trees become the dominant component of the music of the countryside. In the wind their fan like leaves and scaly trunks become musical instruments played by the wind.