Nov 17 2019


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Wizardry and Witchcraft in Nigeria Real or Not

John Otim


Having lived and worked in Nigeria for a long time. And now living and working in Uganda. I get asked this question a lot. Is juju for real in Nigeria? I usually brush it off and disdainfully too! Of all the questions you could ask about Nigeria, this is the one you must ask me? Get off!






To be or not to be vaccinated

Okot Nyormoi

Vaccination has become a question of to be or not to be. Parents worry about it, not just because of the prick their babies must endure but because without vaccination certificates, their children may not attend school. Adults are also not free of vaccination requirements because vaccines such as yellow fever and cholera may be required for international travel.


Vaccines are a two-edged sword

Nirupama Shankar

Sometime ago, I accompanied my sister to a pediatrician’s office, for the first of many vaccination appointments for her twin 8-week old girls. Fortunately for my sister, the nightmare ended after a few pokes of the needle and a few throaty bawls of protest. Sadly, not every parent’s ordeal ends the same way. Each day, parents around the world take their children on this routine with faith that this will protect their children against deadly and potentially life-threatening infections. But what if this very tool that is intended to protect becomes a lethal source of disability?


Measuring humanity's undoubted progress

Jonathan Power

Despite popular belief, the world has become a more equal place since the global financial crisis that began eleven years ago. The growth of Brazil, India and China has led to the biggest decrease in inequality since the Industrial Revolution began in Britain