First, we hope our readers survived 2020 in as good a shape as possible despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish to express our most sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones and empathy to those who suffered from COVID-19 symptoms or other problems associated with the pandemic. We hope that 2021 will be better year than 2020.

The January 2021 issue is devoted to election consequences. The first article focuses on the consequence of election in the USA. The author weaves the story to show how the difference between the aspirational and the practiced American democracy. Rather than being terminal, American democracy is a work in progress like most other democracies.

Ms. Amanda Gorman, the USA national youth poet laureate treated the attendees at the inauguration of the now President Joe Biden to an amazing poem her creative mind could produce. Past poem laureates at the presidential inauguration were mostly, if not exclusively, old people in their mid to the end of their careers like the late Mayer Angelou. Oh no! she is only 22.

You may no longer remember it, but there was a United Kingdom (UK) European Union (EU) membership referendum in June 2016. Following a raucous campaign, UK voted by a 52% majority to leave the EU. Johnathan Powers offers his seasoned view of consequence of the UK leaving the EU commonly known as Brexit.

The last article by our correspondent gives us an analysis of how election rigging is done in a dictatorial regime like Uganda.