Uganda woman stoops to conquer

John Otim

is Executive Editor of Nile Journal, poet, writer, author of the Ups and Downs of African University, and novel Dream Campus, columnist

In this male dominated society, it is no big deal for a man to be married to two or more wives and have on the sideline strings of girlfriends and love affairs. In my days as a young man about town I once more or less did just that. And I wasn’t a male chauvinist. But a young woman by the name Ann Grace Aguti, in this corner of the world called The Republic of Uganda, is beginning to change all that.

For the last 2 years Ann Grace has been quietly married to 3 husbands who all peacefully live with her in her home in the small northern Town of Ngora, largely populated by the tall and athletic Teso people, cousin of the Langi and the Masai.

Alich, one of the husbands, told reporters that he first met Ann Grace when she was returning home from a Barclays Bank Branch in Ngora, where she had gone to process a loan to advance her business. On her way back Ann Grace’s bicycle had broken down and he offered to fix it. He liked the woman. They conversed, they made jokes, they laughed together. One thing led to another. “Now here I am in my new role as co-husband and I am liking It.” Alich smiles.

Oluka, the other husband, told reporters, he met Ann Grace at the swamp where he was grazing his cows. He knew about Ann Grace, and he joked lightly about her taking him on too, as a husband. Ann Grace agreed and he moved in and became part of the harem. Just like that.

In this household such as it is Ann Grace is the head of the family. The final word belongs to her. She lays down the rule, she organizes the living quarters, she decides on which husband she will have sex with and when.

The third man whose name is Enyaku, considered himself the first of the husbands and of the three the most favored. “When I came into her home, I found other men already husbanding her,” Enyaku blithely told reporters, “but she chased them away because she reserved the right to admit anyone of her choice.”

Ann Grace is now six months pregnant. It is not clear who among the three husbands did it. But Enyaku is claiming responsibility. Although, in what must be a completely a new turn around for men, Ann Grace, as wife to three husbands, is said to run on the sides, strings of boyfriends. As I write this, I remember this line from James Brown: “it is a man, man’s word!” well, not any more.

“I am no village whore.” Ann Grace told reporters, “I was married before in the manner my clansmen want.” She said, “but my desire to have a tender loving husband who can provide all my desires was not met. My husband was useless.” She said. “When I left him, I started looking for that special someone, but I have not yet found him. So, my search continues.”

Hey you men out there! There is a woman in Uganda looking for you!