By Ocaya p’Ocure, a social media commentator, Uppsala, Sweden

Horses and Whips at the borderOne must accept that international politics as we read about and knew it then has died a natural death since the coming down of the Berlin wall leaving us with only the Chinese wall. This means, there is no need for President Joe Biden’s Administration to pursue either his own foreign or national policies or the “Make America Great Again” policies of former President Donald Trump.

A few months ago, there were images at the US border with Mexico which spread on social media which were not different from those seen during the Trump Administration. The painful scenes of border policemen riding horses with whips seemingly beating refugees as it was in the Wild West movies. Some human rights organizations in the US compared such images with the pathetic policies pursued by the US during the sad days of enslavement.

At the same time, we witnessed how chaotic a repeat of the 1975 defeats and departures of American troops in disarray from Laos during the Vietnam War by the powerful Americans and her NATO allies in Kabul, Afghanistan.

But again, look at the infamous January 6th, 2021, at the US Capitol Hill debacle whereby the true norm of “Democracy has been turned upside down in America itself”. The question is, what does Trump want to hide? Clearly Donald Trump is trying in every way to stop the revelation of what he did as president on January 6th, when Congress was stormed by his supporters. In his speech Trump urged thousands of his supporters, who at his request traveled to Washington, to march to Capitol Hill to "stop the theft." Since that was a false accusation, it meant that President Trump was trying to carry out a coup. Well, a Congressional Committee wants to get to the bottom of what Trump did on January 6th besides giving speeches to his supporters. Who was Trump communicating with? Who did he meet? Did he have any contacts with the Proud Boys or any of the other right-wing extremist groups which organized the attack?

Frankly, it is sad to see how President Joe Biden continues to swim in political darkness without some clear contrasting ideology from the opposition. Consequently, there appears to be no difference between his Administration and the one of racist Donald Trump. It is too bad that, Biden, the man who had been a US Senator for some 40 plus years cannot make heads and tails of his foreign policy any better.

We must not forget that political science is not as easy as Maths, Physics, Chemistry and, or Biology which operate according to known formulas. Furthermore, the recent deplorable refugee conditions which prevailed at the Del Rio refugee camp in Texas where there were 14,000 people living under the bridge added to President Biden’s challenges. Some migrants who managed to come all the way from Haiti to the United States’ border were turned back and refused asylum without any consideration. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, spoke out and emphasized the importance of people’s strong criticism, which comes not only from outside, but also from Biden's own political party.

Some Democratic Party’s officials say that what was happening at the border is not in line with where their party stands on the issue. Vice President Kamala Harris has gone out and expressed concern about the situation. Something many find difficult to perceive as sincere because of her famous “Do not come to America speech” in which she asked migrants to stop coming to the United States. Even the highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, believes that what we see being implemented by the Biden Administration is Trump’s policy on immigration.

At the same time, we see how the general support for Biden is decreasing. Some say it is because the honeymoon is over. But could it be that it depends on the political choices Biden makes? First, he withdrew from Afghanistan and left the civilian population to its fate, then the submarine drama with France and now a policy that goes against the right to seek asylum? It is likely that these are a matter of Biden’s bad political choices.

Migrants at the USA-Mexico BorderPolicy during the pandemic–Title 42 policy that was introduced during the pandemic means that migrants can be rejected before they have time to seek asylum. The reason is that you should not bring diseases into the country. Up to 9,000 unaccompanied children could be deported due to the policy. However, Biden has now introduced an exception for children. It is a step in the right direction. But now that the COVID-19 situation has improved, lawyers have tried to get Title 42 revoked. It should no longer be possible to deport people due to COVID-19. The Biden administration has chosen to defend the rule and argues that the situation is not due to his policies, but that of Trump. If so, why not change the policy? Why fight to keep it? It is time for the president to let go of the Wild West doctrine and make his own clear policy instead of following that of Donald Trump and his GOP–Tea Party.

The new major conflict is growing between the United States and China. Will the conflict over the small democratic Taiwan escalate in the next few years into a big war between the great powers of United States and China? Truly, I am not an alarmist, but it is better to sound the alarm sooner than when it is very late.