Africa & the Diaspora (Fragments)

Nile Journal

How would you like to be ruled by unscrupulous people who incite violence and abuse people because they stand in their way to power and corruption? - Nigeria Woman on the prospects of her country’s coming election

Where people are gathered God is present. Where God is present Evil is there - Uganda politician on resuming speech interrupted by opponents

You are doing math. You hear footsteps. Suddenly your head is banged. You turn round. You see Teacher – Nine year old girl about her classroom experience in Zaria Nigeria

People say Churchmen are poor. See me! I wear a suit every morning. I am the third smartest man in Town. Where is the poor? -  African churchman in the days churchmen in Africa were poor

I did not intend to talk in this country at all. If people are so afraid I will leave them alone - returned Diaspora man on being warned by his mother not to talk politics in Africa