Coup detat

Army Cook Who became His Excellency the President

John Otim

Most of the previous night there were shooting and shelling and gun fights all over town. As dawn broke and the sun rose smoke billowed over the city. On radio and on television marshal music played all morning long. All regular programs were canceled. Then came the coup announcement. And as the news spread the new dictator rode into the city in great style in an open army jeep and gladly

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Africa and her Dirty Coups

John Otim

They came dancing on the streets as news of Al Harun’s coup broke over the dazed City. They trouped to welcome with open arms the man who would soon be their killer. Hundreds had perished within the early hours of the coup that was not yet a day old. This crowd knew. Because they could see with their own eyes, the many corpses that littered the city.

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Sketches from Colonial Kenya

Sam Kahiga

We had grown up under the awful Emergency of the 1950s, reading colonial pamphlets printed in red ink, showing rows of Mau Mau fighters being publicly hanged on high posts. The Lari massacre and the subsequent government reprisals took place within walking distance from our village

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