By Jonathan Power, a weekly columnist on Foreign Affairs

The Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan in December 1979 and withdrew, exhausted and demoralized, 10 years later. In Moscow a joke had long circulated: “Why are we still in Afghanistan?” Answer: “We are still looking for the people who invited us”.

The same is true for the Americans and NATO who are now moving through the exit door. They came to obliterate Al-Qaeda after 9/11, 2001. 

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Independent schools’ movement in colonial Kenya 1910 -1960


During the colonial period in Africa, education was almost entirely the monopoly of the missionaries. Missionaries had close ties with the colonial power. In Kenya education became the weapon white settlers chose to maintain a firm grip on the country. By limiting the advancement of Africans in every way. Nothing posed a greater threat to their rule like an educated African.

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Lira University Museum of African Culture and Traditional Medicine

Modesta Anamo, Andrew Ojulong, Ekkehard Doehring

Worldwide, within universities, museums have for long supported education in a number of disciplines both in the sciences and in the arts. Through their extensive collections museums have made available historical objects and artifacts crucial to learning and research. University museums as repositories are unique in themselves. The origin of university museums can be traced back from around the 17th Century

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Reading and Remembering Africa

John Donelson

In the age of, and other online book service, the book market is wide open. With money to spare one can sample as never before the book offerings of the world. I have been indulging my pleasure and doing just that. And I ran across this this amazing new novel, Burden of Failure, by a Ugandan author.

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Doing battle with Saudi Arabia

Jonathan Power

How can Saudi Arabia be brought low? If the King won’t remove from power his 33 old son, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, there may be no alternative but to do battle with its regime. In a nonviolent manner for sure..



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